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Did you know that BIC started its life way back in 1950 by Marcel Bich in Clichy, France, where Marcel created the first high quality ballpoint pen which didnt cost the earth to buy? Well the BIC Cristal has come a long way since then, and its now thought of as the preferred choice of ballpoint pen... all over the world! Pretty nifty!

Because when you think about it, BIC pens are everywhere if you had a look in your house, office or school, were pretty sure you would find a BIC pen somewhere. Maybe even with a nibbled lid! And weve got pens to suit all ages and lifestyles too, from high flying executives and teachers, to teenage girls and school children. From the iconic BIC Cristal and BIC 4-Colour pens, to our colourful and creative BIC Kids ranges, the environmentally focused Ecolutions range and right through to our famous correction tape Tipp-Ex - there is something to suit everyone. BIC even has a For Her range which has been developed especially for women.

Our stats speak for themselves too - A single BIC Cristal can write up to two kilometres, and 160 BIC Cristal are sold every minute in the UK thats a couple of million per day worldwide!

Anyway, thats enough about usPlease use our Facebook page to say hello, ask us questions, or talk to each other about all things stationery! Well also be sharing all sorts of fascinating facts and figures about the world of stationery with you, as well as things we think youll like such as amazing pieces of pen art and doodles by artists from around the world. We would also love to see your pen doodles too!

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